Sunday, March 08, 2009

For the love of photography

I have been finding distraction in photography- mostly other people's phots and tutorials for the camera that I will be purchasing in 2 1/2 weeks. Two weeks and three days to be exact.

I am thrilled about my choice in camera body and pro lens. This is a huge investment and having a good full frame body and pro lenses will give me years of photographic bliss.

I am re-thinking whether I want to take them here now...especially since the malicious destruction of my property seems to be so easy here.

But I am getting them if is the last thing I do.

I am re-learning and advancing, making preparations to shooting my own gear. There is nothing like your own because you get to understand what it can and cannot do and get to know your equipment like the back of your hand which puts you in a position to get the hard to get shots. As Carl Dawson used to caution me, "You only get one shot." You can only be able to fulfil that mantra by knowing your gear and of course understanding the most important subject in photography-light.

I am sure I am boring you half to death.

But this is all that's in my head for the past few months really.

And this whole bad experience with the car makes me even more adamant that now is the time. If I don't make this investment and take the plunge now, I may never get another opportunity to do so.

I am really not interested in completing my thesis. Does not at all appeal to me. Somehow I feel like I have already belaboured that point.

Anyway, right now I am just waiting for the day when I can click "Checkout" on my pre-prepared B& H Photovideo cart.

Until then, I watch and wait to see how the investigation develops.


The Cloudcutter said...

Horrified to read about your car! I wish there was something someone could do. It's so unfair!
Anyway I don't get bored reading about your photography and all the equipment you are planning to get. It's so exciting and educating. I have always admired photographers and if I could take even one halfway decent pic I would be happy. Right now my camera has died on me and I don't have the dough to buy another. So I will live vicariously!

Azikiwe said...

K..try and find some insurance coverage for your photographic equipment...and don't worry 'bout your thesis,just pursue the pages in the book of life that excite you ...

Sheer Almshouse said...


It is terribly unfair, but I suppose life is, generally.

Thanks for giving me freedom to speak about something that really excites me.

I know what you mean about the dough- it has taken me TEN years to finally be in a position to get what I want.


I am planning to insure them. I will have fix or cash-back service coverage but I also want property insurance as a backup in the event of theft, malicious damage, or any act of God.

I am also going to put my MacBook on it. I have already had one Mac stolen and God knows I cannot afford another.  This shit is expensive!

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