Thursday, March 19, 2009

Simplicity – The Key to Inner Peace and Tranquillity

Re-printed from the Dubai-based Khaleej Times

Ani Dave Kukreja

4 March 2009

In times of distress we often tend to lose our balance. We forget that the world around us is a mere reflection of the world within us.

Our mental, physical and emotional well-being governs our social and professional happiness.

At this time when the world markets are tumbling and there is a growing sense of insecurity encapsulating our minds... if we could lose our job? How will our life be? How will we manage our responsibilities?

Let us dare to question ourselves; if we really cannot find a way? If we cannot fight back to what stops us from realising our dreams?

Of course we can!!

If we believe in the power of positivity that lies within ourselves and if we believe that the world has not yet complicated so much. We can simplify the most of our complexities if we see the spectrum of life through the prism of simplicity.

We have to perhaps rediscover the art of simplification that has enabled our minds to imagine and create such a wonderful world around us. We have to now create a wonderful world within us that springs hope, love and a child-like innocence to reshape the world around us.

This would then allow the flow of peace and tranquility within us that will not only keep us in a state of joy but also make us a channel of positivity and help us become as inventive, innovative and creative as we were when we shaped this wonderful progressive world around us.

In simple ways, we can bring joy; we can make small changes around us and see joy and happiness beyond the material world.


Azikiwe said...

...took the words from my mind ! This is the pathway of existence ....

Sheer Almshouse said...

As Sizzla saya:

"Simplicity we use to survive
Many find it difficult because dem ignorant...

Not the one bag of vanity, nor animosity, nor the hypocrisy nor democracy...

Not the labba labba, not the backstabber, nor the vampire not the "evilous desire..."

Ani Dave said...

Well thanks for posting my article on your blog. You may also read -
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