Monday, June 08, 2009

Shit out of shape

I tried my new workout this morning and struggled through 14 min of the 24 min beginner phase. I felt like a 500lb person stuggling to catch a train door. This is absolutely crazy! These are moves that would have been sooo easy for me in the past. This had nothing on my dance classes or a cardio class at the gym. But hey!

I promise to never let myself be so unfit again... this is so thoroughly depressing.

I have been resting my carpel tunnel hands (hence no posts) trying to prepare for this workout.

I am going to attack it again later this evening though. Of course I refuse to give up that easily. And I know what to do today, so that tomorrow wont be as much a struggle. As bad as I am now, I really cant afford to get any worse.


Azikiwe said...

"As bad as I am now, I really cant afford to get any worse...."

The "worse" may prove detrimental ! Keep this in mind,just apply yourself consistently and allow success to happen....


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