Friday, June 12, 2009

Fitness and Libido

Their's is the magic made in an O shaped heaven. That's why men and women crave fitness sex idols who are buff and tough. It's why I watch men's track and field and why ESC watches women's gymnastics... there is something about the athletic body in mint condition that is so scintilating when it is operating at peak performance. (As an aside, its also why rich women bed their sweaty, ripped gardeners instead of their bald, pudgy husbands. It's also why men bed younger, fitter and more agile women than wives who feel that they paid their dues in the bedroom and should be living on the annuities).

When fitness is out of the picture, libido wanes. It's similar to the athlete after retirement. But reitroduce fitness, and voila! The powers of unobstructed, oxgenated blood flow.

So... are there side effects of getting back in shape? Hmmm... let me think about it.


Azikiwe said...

LoL !...yes baby yu right ,yu right ;-)

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