Monday, June 29, 2009

Full freedom

I have accepted that the journey to find balance and self-actualize cannot be made without taking a triangular approach. Yogic gurus refer to it as Ayurveda. And when one element is off, the whole is disturbed.

I am talking of the MIND-BODY-SPIRIT. I have come to see this as the trinity of the life energy/force. Life entails all three, and all three work in tandem with each other. Another interesting observation is that when any element is short, you cannot double up on one or replace with something totally different, just like how you cannot patch bitumen with concrete. It may appear to work, eliminating a pot hole, but the chemical components are mutually incompatible and eventually, the pot hole becomes even bigger than before.

This has been such an enlightening journey. And for conviction, revelation and awareness, I am totally grateful. I continue to grow as I press on to higher things.


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