Monday, July 06, 2009

Sheer Almshouse on a mission....

I went to visit my soon to be mother in law and she gave me a healthy dinner of calalloo and corn with boiled whole wheat dumpling, green banana and yam. Yum! Healthy and delicious! She also gave me a Julie Mango from her tree-YUM! I saw all my brothers in law and ESC's 2yo only niece. We played and had a jolly good time.

and..... drumrolll please....

I lost 8 lbs since I came home!! Remember I came Thur June 25, 2009 so that is less than two weeks ago!

I am so ecstatic! I can see the difference in my body already!

I need to do Si6more but right now, I wont kill myself. I am getting a little bored so I have decided to actively make decisions to be more active generally.

I may even climb to Blue Mountain Peak (highest point in Jamaica and home of the best coffee in the world) for my 29th birthday.

Life is good!


Azikiwe said...

I'm happy because you are happy- 8lbs ! Good for you !
Now boredom is a calorie of itself, so lets work on that....


The Cloudcutter said...

Wow! You seem to be at bliss. You deserve it.
The weight loss is worrying though, too much too soon. Take it a bit slower cos, in my experience, the longer it takes to lose the pounds the longer they will stay away.
The Blue Mountain hike sounds awesome. When is the big day?

Kathy said...

Congrats Kid! Did you weigh when u got here? Are you using the same scale? If u doing everything right then the pound loss shouldn't be a prob. May be more water than anythingesle. But it will get harder as you go along. If you don't see any loss don't give up. Ah so it go.

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