Friday, July 24, 2009

The Circle of Life

I have been bemoaning the fact that I have only had moments of peace and sheer bliss since I have been home. I now know why it seems that way.

Before I left Jamaica, I would retreat to Imelda's in Montego Bay regularly... so much so that I eventually began spending as much time or even more there than in Kingston, where I maintained formal residence. Mo Bay was a retreat... I found peace there that had eluded me in the "busy-ness" of the nation's capital.

Having spent the greater part of the week in different "country" settings across three parishes(St. James, Trelawny and St. Elizabeth), I finally figured out what it is that I had found in Mo Bay." I love Mo Bay.. but only when Imelda is there :) Mo Bay without Imelda is like the Caribbean without sunshine... and no I am not pandering... is di truth. And we dont have to be doing anything or going anywhere really to enjoy wisself. A just so the thing set (that is just how it goes).

But by far, the most enlightening arm of the cross country trip was my return to my father's Northern, hilly Trelawny farm, which I hadn't set foot on in 15 years after having only visited once. There is a HUGE difference between the perspective of a 14 year old and a 29 year old. I woke up in complete peace, not seeing any property but ours in a visual radius. The cock started crowing at 7:00am but I was long up by then, because curtains are not needed in such a remote setting and daylight had spilled in through the windows over an hour before.

I want to go back for a few days and feed the goats and cows and pigs and tend to the bees. I remember the fun holidays in the country that I had as a child and the weekend trips to the farm in St. Mary with Daddy as an only child in the back of the VW Bug. Now, in Trelawny, we practically have our own church and surrounding houses and warm neighbours proving ample opportunity for great photo ops. If I could have my cake and eat it, that is exactly where my wedding photos would be taken. It isn't impossible though... esp since photography is an art that I inherited from my dad. I wouldn't even have to pay :)

I have said for years that I am a city girl witha country heart. I guess the country element is growing more and more as I get older.


Azikiwe said...

..frame the memories,hang them up ;-)

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