Saturday, June 27, 2009

Damsel in utter distress

I had the privilege of having my dear cousin's car shut down on me in Kingston last night because I forgot how to disarm the convoluted alarm. Thank heavens for a patient and committed good Samaritan (they still exist) with an engineering background and another cousin, Celia with the flashlight to the rescue.

Turns out the gent was shopping at and leaving the supermarket at the same time, and saw me with my hands flailing in distress... I was hard to miss- I had my own background music which drew a lot of attention.

Note to self: it always pays to dress up when going to the supermarket. It also pays to know where the kill switch for the alarm is, but that is really just an added bonus.

I used to be such a tomboy who was so into mechanics, but somewhere along the way, I turned into a really girlie girl who cannot even remember the sequence for disarming an alarm, much less the position of the anti theft device needed to start the car once said alarm goes off.

I am now making light of a situation that gave me a tension because I got off unscathed and with car and groceries in tact. Thank heavens Celia was home and had not one but two flashlights on hand. It also didn't happen in traffic, which would have been more than a little embarrassing.

All's well that ends well.


Azikiwe said...

" always pays to dress up when going..."

tis' the lesson ...;-)

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