Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A woman's right to choose

The irony about the whole faith based arguments that support the anti-abortion movement (known as "pro-life") is that the very faith that they use to espunge their opnonents is based on choice.

Christianity and other major religions realise that faith is choice that one makes on a PERSONAL level, based on individual spiritual conviction. It is this personal application of spirituality and religion that then dictates the life of the persons who are led by faith.

A faith-based life is a CHOICE. God does not force himself on man... he gives man the ability to choose his own destiny and make his own daily decisions. God could be looked on as the Chairman and the Board would be the spiritual books; bible, koran, etc, whcih are guides... but when it comes down to the nitty gritty... you are the CEO of your own life.

Those who are not living a faith-based life operate as a sole-directorship which gives them sole shareholdership.... they make their own decisions and are accountable only to themselves.

I think that religious fundamentalists often get so bogged down in what the spiritual books say and their own halo of holiness that they forget that their mission, is to spread love and peace across humanity. What is God? God is love. How can you be so mean and evil and war-like against people who differ in opinion and conviction and still say that you are a child of God?

Did God not say "Love your enemies" and "Do good to them that hate you" and "Love your neighbours as yourself?"

Did he not also say "Vengeance is mine" and "Judge not that ye be not judged?"

I think the problem is that religious fundamentalists and extremists are trying to make matters of personal choice their collective domain. Reality check... we aren't in heaven yet. This is earth. And people are free to make their own choices. We will always have disagreements. What's important is that we love each other in spite of them. Maybe if they spent more time loving people, then so many people would not be looking for love in the wrong places and wind up facing the dilemma of termination. And who said abortions were just birth control?

A woman, her partner, and her doctor have the right to make a choice based on matters of mental, physical and spiritual health. It's never a cut and dry situation. We have enough bad parents in the system and children in public homes who have been failed by unfit parents.

Maybe instead of picketing, they could all come together to adopt these children and show them the love of God and give many women even more choices. Even though I am not sure I would hand over my baby to a pack of freaks.


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