Saturday, June 13, 2009

Long distance trauma

My dearest Easy Skanking Chef had an accident resulting in a concussion and hospital stay. I got an email from his boss which was also sent to his family.

I am so torn up about being so far away. This is his second accident in less than a year and I am very worried.

I need to go take care of him, but my trip is not scheduled before the end of August. I am waiting for him to be restored to health so that we can talk about whether or not he needs me to go sooner.

Just watching and praying.


Azikiwe said...

He will be O.K. ! don't worry ;-))

Michelle said...

ah gee. :-( It's so hard being apart, but way worse when either of you is unhappy/ill. Hope he's ok now. Hope you're ok now.

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