Friday, June 12, 2009

Very tired, but still committed

I am feeling VERY tired in the mornings (the last two) which leads me to believe that I am not fueling my body properly for the extra physical activity. The Slim in 6 routine is squat and plies intensive, and my heart rate is kept high for the duration of this week's 24 min workout. Next week I move on to a 45 min workout which adds strength training to the squats and plies and for the final 4 weeks, it will be a 60min combination at an even higher intensity.

I am reluctant to add more carbs or fat to my diet so I will add more lean protein. I bought skinless chicken breasts and plan to make healthy wraps for lunch next week.

I want to experiment with a red bean salsa this weekend.

Instead of having cereal for dinner, I think i should replace with chicken breast and veggies.

I am drink A LOT of water. It's summer and it's hot so I am thirsty more. Plus I am sweating buckets when I workout.

I would like to add leisurely weekend bike rides this weekend.

-My stomach is noticeably slimmer
-I see my deltoids popping up a little
-My biceps pop a tuups
-My thighs have are regaining the shape they are famous for
-I am no longer sore (not since Day 2 on Tue). This means I am adjusting well to a really intense workout.
-I have significantly reduced my cigarette quota by over 100%
-I still have a very thick layer of fat to lose, which is likely to be there until the final week. I am by far at my heaviest weight ever so I do not expect to get to my ultimate goal overnight. I just want some drastic results within the first 3 months and then the rest will be icing.

The Ultimate Goal
Best Shape EVER by 30 and lifetime maintenance thereafter.

The Ultimate Challenge
I tend to lose focus when there is a change to my routine. Traveling so much over the next few weeks and going to Dubai will be major tests but I cannot afford to derail me. I have made so many changes to prepare my way for this part of my journey and I refuse to lose this personal challenge. It's hard, yes, but the question is am I worth it? The answer- HELL YES!!!!


Azikiwe said...

...acquire some BRAGG'S Apple Cider ,add one tablespoon full to a glass of room temp. water and drink FIRST thing in the morning...tell me about the magic !

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