Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One Year Behind God's Back

I am in the airport now, awaiting on a flight to the Island Behind God's Back. I have packed my goodies really well, and with careful selections, I have managed to not go over my 40lb allotment.

Today is the anniversary of my arrival. Well at least I finally had some fun. Pity it took a whole year and some Canadians. We had a day trip to a rather snazzy and exclusive property that costs USD $2,000 per night in the LOW season and ranges up $4000-6000 ordinarily, with the honeymoon villa costing a measly USD10,000 nightly. I gues the latter does come with sex, but you have to bring your own ingredients.

I am re-learning how to take care of myself even when I do not have any inspiration to do so. What I am now is preparing me for my life in a few months. I cannot compromise my future by ignoring my needs today. So, I really have to do what is best for me. Sometimes, only you know what that is.

I just ordered Chicken Sous in the airport lounge for breakfast. There is a lot of dinner foods for breakfast... as is typical in the Caribbean. Sous is really soup. I am hungry, having stayed up to watch The Curious Life of Benjamin Button until 2am. I wanted something other than the fat and cholesterol rich offerings.


Azikiwe said...

...for the measly USD$10,000 ,they better give me Serena Williams or Ciara for the night !...

Is Benjamin Button any good ?

Sheer Almshouse said...

I hear you on the star studded night.

Bejamin Button was really lovely story, and I really liked the screen adaptation. Not everything is exhausted in dialogue. Awesome chemistry between Blanchet and Pitt too.

Blanchet is a star.

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