Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rasta man no mix up inna bangarang

You know what? I will leave here in 2 1/2 months! It seems so long sometimes, so I changed my password on my work computer to "One Less Day!"

I am missing my man right about now. The hugs, the warmth, the resonance of his voice in my ear as we lay in bed... or while I am in the kitchen experimenting.

I am listening to all my (and our) favourite Luther Vandross songs right now...and man I am feeling him!

Today is exactly four months since I left Jamaica last and four months and two days since I last saw Easy Skanking Chef.

In exactly three months, I will be with my man in Dubai. Making up for time lost over 7 straight months of separation.

This will be the last of such long separation.


Because God answers prayers.

BTW... the boss sent in my notice to the committee and recommended the termination.


Azikiwe said...

CHO !..3 months is NOTHING ! No comparison to the relief you will feel at the end of that term ;-))...gwaan wear the garlic necklace till such time...

Sheer Almshouse said...

Azi, I dont know about an entire necklace, but I feel like a clove in my bosom may not be such a bad idea.

Azikiwe said...

...make it two...when life's rewards are about to happen...many "vampires" may be on the fringes ;-))

Anonymous said...

3 months is a ways away but time has a way of flying -- so hold tight because the light at the end of tunnel is blinding right now!


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