Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The narrow, winding path to fitness

One of my personal trainers once gave me some advice. I think it was pretty good advice, and so unselfish of him. I saw him at the copany's registrar office while I was incorporating my company and I confided that I just couldn't seem to pull it together to get the workouts in because there was so much happening in my life and I just couldn't find centre to make my workouts priority. He told me to do what I needed to do, get what I needed to get done and I will find the time and space once I find balance. He told me not to add guilt about lack of excercise to all the issues I was facing.

He was right.

Now that I have gone through a VERY long and extensive list of things I needed to accomplish, I am now in a position to tackle this biggie. Fitness is so much more than making time and eating properly- it is an excercise in self-love and discipline. You can't maintain fitness when you are not in the frame of mind to tackle all the drama related. But having established a template early in my life, I know what it FEELS like to be in good shape. This most certainly is not it.

I look at it as writing new chapters in my book of life. You can't cover every topic in a chapter...but you can deal with one or a few at a time. I have cleared up a bit of the psychological clutter, giving myself space to deal with things that really matter.

Somebody once complained that I was writing about too many different topics on my blog and suggested I stick to displaying my photography. I have never been single-faceted, and never will be. This is the story of my journey to self-discovery and actualization and mine is a dynamic life. My life is plural, abundant, varied, passionate, hopeful, and aware.

Now is when I tackle the next thing on my almost 10 year old list: to be in the best shape of my life when I turn 30. I have one year and a few months to do it. Fifteen months altogether. It is an attainable goal because I have given myself enough time to reach there. This is no quick fix to 2 1/2 years of intermittent excercise. This is how records are achieved: one day at a time for a long time.

I am putting it here to hold myself accountable.

This morning, I STRUGGLED through P90 Sweat 1-2. I think my asthmatic state has a lot to do with it. I went slow though and did what I could. I am not planning on killing myself in the process.

Here is my plan:

I am using Beachbody workouts because they have worked for me in the past and are convenient. Circuit training works for me and a six day 45 min circuit routine does more good than 3 days in the gym at two hours a pop.

May - July P90
Aug- Mid Sept Slim in 6
Mid Sept - Dec Hip Hop Abs

Jan-March P90
April- June P90X
July- Sept P90X
After Sept..P90X + Hip Abs + Turbo Jam + P90 MIX UP


Anonymous said...

Realistic. I like the mix-up.

I want to get on this train - it looks like the sure thing.
Proud of you.

Good plan!

Anonymous said...

shall I encourage you to death? (evil grin)

Go girl! take your time, you can and you will!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe someone had the NERVE to suggest what you should write about on YOUR blog. Whaddie ass is that about?!

Anyway, don't count out the good ole outdoors. You know I went on this pathway 2 years ago and I found getting outside to be a good break from the routine. Use your surroundings - jog on the beach, swim, hike trails, get a skipping rope and go on your patio and keep the beat with your fave uptempo songs.

Try some of Jillian Michael's DVD's too (trainer on Biggest Loser). She is frickin' amazing.

Azikiwe said...

Give up the smoking ...off the margarine,butter,milk...half a clove a GARLIC mixed with half ONION plus add Scotch Bonnet PEPPER to your food everyday..eventually the asthma will go and you will endure your workouts...

Sheer Almshouse said...

Yeah... lost my momentum with a heavy depression but will try to get back into it tomorrow.

It would help if I could bring myself to nurture a good diet.

I am dying to really get active but I also have not been to the grocer's in three weeks. I just dont want to see anybody.

Yes... somebody did... and she meant well, but I just think she could "get" me nor my purpose here. Not sure if being undefined is a bad thing.

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