Monday, March 01, 2010

Hair colour to spice things up

Since I started wearing my hair in dreadlocks, I count on hair colour to add a little zest to my look every now and then. Actually, in the Island Behind God's Back, I would colour probably every couple months. I haven't coloured since I left Jamaica and I was feeling the drudgery. But they don't have the colours I am used to using... so it took me a while. Certainly I could have gone to a hairdresser who knows afro hair but expensive hair care is not in my budget.

So today... I walked to the mall and took the bull by the horn. Two boxes of the permanent kind and a box of burgundy henna. I must say that the colour on that damn L'Oreal box was deceptive. The damn thing darkened my hair into a shade of drudgery that is beyond description. I drew for the henna. It's in my hair now, plastered on every lock underneath my garbage bag plastic cap. All I can say about it is that I hope it turns out more burgundy than what it looks like now.

Even so, I am going to continue to use henna to colour my hair. It is a natural and safer way to add colour. One thing's for certain, it smells like a fresh bunch of bitter bush. The price we pay for vanity.


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