Sunday, February 28, 2010

The two day makeup

So ESC decided that he needed to be Away From K and so he took his bicycle and went away from mid afternoon and didn't return until dark.

I was fine, then I got angry, then I felt hurt.

He came back saying that he went to watch a movie by himself. His phone was home so I had no means of reaching him. Not that I would have- after all- I was proper vex.

Anyway... he now talking to me and I turn up the volume on the TV and then every message on blasted tube was bout marriage and I would suck me teeth and change the channel. Then one caught me as a surprise. The promo for that movie with Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant. There was a joke. i didn't expect it. We both laughed. Our eyes met.

"You know I still love you," says he.
"Tschuuuuups," (suck teeth) says me.

He comes over and tries to hug me up and kiss me, spends the next few hours talking about what really happened, and the rest of the weekend making up.

Note to self: Fights are not such a bad idea in marriage because the makeup is unbelievable!!


Anonymous said...

I can't help it!
I'm LOL, literally. May all your fights be so blessed.
I want to be like u when I grow up :-)

Kat G.
(JSYK - I keep coming up as 'The Mask' so this is me from now on)

Z said...

If he needs to be alone when he's upset or angry, do let him. My husband always followed me and I couldn't bear it - it would make me say far worse things. If I'd been left, I'd have walked it off and been ready to put things right sooner.

As it is, he couldn't change so I have. Now, I hold my temper and hold his hand and explain exactly what the problem is. Took me a few decades to get there - but now I don't get the solitude I want, but I do win the arguments!

In any case, as you say, making up is absolutely the good bit.

Sheer Almshouse said...

@ The Mask- OOoooh thatt's YOU!! I was wondering bout that :) We used to have a petty fight every weekend right after we got married :D... I think the intentions were subconscious :)

@Z... I am usually the one to leave too.. but he surprised me this time. I dont usually stay for long.. but maybe that's also because our biggest fights have been late at nights and unlike back home, I dont have anyone's house to crash for the night :)

But we have agreed that space is a good thing in a fight. I can be quite caustic when I am angry.

Azikiwe said... K. i still do this from time to vex ! we need this kind of self-therapy as long as you still love him you will grow to understand this...

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