Thursday, February 18, 2010

Today is a good day: my first paid photo shoot in Dubai

It got off to a good start. I got up early. Stepped out into heavy fog, more than I have ever witnessed in my life. Was on location on time. Starting taking test shots to calibrate lighting settings. Then I realised that I forgot how to manipulate my camera. Serves me right for not shooting anything in a month. I clearly bluffed my way through and pretended that nothing was awry. I made some compensations for my lack of expertise and thankfully, the camera, location and subjects did the rest. God was in there every step of the way.

The whole shoot lasted for about 1 hr before the sun got too intense and we packed up.

I gave them my best lens- the one that costs almost as much as the camera. I figured that if they were paying me, I could pull out my golden child for them. It worked!

I got paid at the end of the shoot and had a frappucino and a ride back home. I didn't check how much I was paid until I was in the elevator. I am still in awe. I got a tip of $100 USD.

God is good!.

So now I am saving towards three things:
The printer
The reflector with stand
The macro lens

In the meantime, I will have to go out and canvas the different sites in search of great backdrops for location shoots.

Ma, I was underselling myself, but I gave enough room for God to provide the difference. Give thanks. Selah.


Celia said...

Would love to see a few of the shots girlie, if you can. I know they will be fabulous.

Bodhisattva Harlem Mama said...

Yes. On your way. Enjoy the journey.

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