Thursday, February 04, 2010

Still on a sabbatical but...

I had a most amazing day. The best in two weeks. I discovered the market. Wowza! Local fresh produce like never seen in the supermarket... jelly coconut to quench the shopping thirst... dried coconut for fresh homemade coconut fresh as the sea...

I baked two loaves of my bread (my third batch ever) for my friend and her hubby and toddler. She was the one who rescued me ffrom my apartment and another same old same old day. I made plantain tarts too and a strawberry tart with the left over pastry.


We chatted while I baked and she cooked saltfish, boiled dumplings and get this FREST calalloo on the side. Yes, you heard right! FRESH calalloo in Dubai!

I was in heaven! And she have season hand!

So, a very Jamaican day was had by me in the middle of the dessert. Ignore the Starbucks chicken caesar wrap and coffee for breakfast after getting out of bed at 6:45 am to go to the bank with ESC.

I think I just might love living in the Middle East!


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