Sunday, February 21, 2010

I won a blog award!!!!!!

Thanks to my fellow blogger, who speaks more highly of me than I can pay for, I got nominated for an award on her Cloudcutter Chronicles blog. It is called the Honest Scrap Award. It requires that I write down 10 honest things about myself before passing on to other bloggers. Hmmm. Haven't I been honest enough already? What more can I say?

1. I was an only child for nearly a decade then I got a massive unleashing of siblings. This along with my zodiac sign (Leo) makes me a very bossy lady. I am a natural leader.

2. I started out in television as a presenter at 16, but went on to study TV production because I had more respect for those people who led things behind the camera than sitting pretty as just "talent."

3. I like to play. Seriously, I romp like a 5yo sometimes. I don't consider myself "childish" just "child-like." One on my favourite lines ever from a movie is "Never forget your childish enthusiasm (Under the Tuscan Sun).

4. I love to cook but despise washing up and any other household chore. Always have. Always will. Pity I still have to do it.

5. I hate when people visit without calling ahead. Maybe the fact that I am not the best housewife ever is a contributor but I also sometimes get so withdrawn into myself that I need to psyche up myself for company.

6. I am as much an introvert as I am an extrovert. I love to meet people, go on adventures and be the life of the party, but I also relish alone time waaaaaaaay more than the avg extrovert. In fact, I think that the Myers Briggs personality test is faulty because it doest allow for a 50/50 score for introverted and extroverted personalities and I am living testimony.

7. I deliberately got rid of any hint of shyness (which really was prolly just a decimal point )when I realized that none of my female friends in 3rd form would talk to boys and somebody had to get the conversation going. I would just go and get the numbers for my friends and play matchmaker.

8. I never knew I had any hint of talent until university. Even now, I am modest because I was taught by the late great Wycliffe Bennett to constantly critique and improve. I am by far, my biggest critic.

9. I never baked bread, scones nor sweet potato pudding before I got married. I am a much better cook now than I have ever been because I am cooking so much.

10. When I was growing up, I always saw myself changing careers and doing many things, I guess I knew somehow that I would be adventurous enough to try on anything that fits. So at 29, I have been a TV presenter, producer, director, writer, pr, radio show host, producer, presenter, executive, elementary school teacher, voice and speech lecturer, event manager, photographer, afro hair stylist, avon lady, fishmonger, designer shoes retailer, entrepreneur, housewife and prime time weather girl.

and one for brawta (a little extra)

11. It's not easy being married to a chef. Long hours, unpredictable days off, always working on holidays and special occasions. But harder than being married to a chef, is COOKING FOR A CHEF! Most times, he is the doting husband who is happy that his wife is a pretty good cook (claims he would not have married me otherwise) but sometimes, he comes home still wearing his chef's hat and starts to revue my food like a tasting session for a new restaurant menu. I have heard " I like the flacour but not the texture." I have also heard "You could work on that recipe." But then again, it was my oxtail stew that made him fall in love, so hey- I guess you can't get the ying without the yang. I made sure not to put the vinaigrette on the salad this time until service cuz giving the chef soggy salad will incite comments like " I love the vinaigrette but it's clear that its been sitting in the salad for a while." I can take criticism about work but food? Shut up and eat or cook it youself!

And the award goes to...

I have to pass on... I will write my list tomorrow. Stay tuned!

This is harder than I think because I haven't been reading a lot of blogs lately- due to my hands. In fact, I seemed to have narrowed it down


Harlem Mama- for influencing me to blog in the first place and for having a reservoir of talent that is waiting to be unleashed

DMK Journal- for expressing pure love from a man's perspective

Razor Blade of Life- for sharing about your daily life in the UK and making us see similarities beyond parochial borders

Tastes like home - for really cool dishes and photography.. I have been following you secretly... now I am out of the closet

Desperate Chefs Wives- for giving me a sense of community upon discovering how scary it can be to be married to a chef

Black Girl Long Hair- for providing a space for natural afro hair gals and guys to share some kinky love


The Cloudcutter said...

Ditto on 4, 5 & 6!

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