Thursday, March 04, 2010

Optimism vs Pessimism

I am not an optimist. Neither am I a pessimist. I consider myself, for all intents and purposes, a realist. I fall smack in the middle of two extreme ways of seeing the world.

Sometimes, it's easy to forget that life is what you make it. No need for flower power optimism. It's not about the glass being half empty or full. It's about having water to drink in the first place or being alive to be thirsty. Being grateful is a huge blessing. The world owes us nothing.

It means that expectations are lowered and nothing is taken for granted. It doesn't mean expecting the worse, it means accepting what is. It's so easy to get caught up and be hot and bothered about the way things and people aren't and in doing so, we lose the point. It's all about what is- without condescension and without embellishment. You can be broke but happy, sad but grateful and lost but found. Why? Because happiness, peace and contentment lie in just accepting what is without accepting defeat.


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