Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stronger Woman in Me

This is a celebration of the road ahead... and the reasons for doing it.

I have a new personal anthem:
"Love me more"
To be honest though, it's not entirely new. I used it to walk away from The Past. and now I am adapting it as theme to get past my personal challenges. It is what my decision to be fully present and accounted for is all about.

It's on my fridge and my bathroom window. It's in my heart.

I bought a few packs of nicotine gum. Cold turkey may be good for salads but not for me.

I have decided to give up cigarettes for a few reasons:
1. I had planned to eventually (and made several attempts)
2. I am compromising my health (physical, mental and spiritual)
3. I have to at least try to love me more than any addiction
4. It restricts my ability to workout and enjoy my workout

I must say that they make a huge difference... and they are pretty cheap here. They work out to less than $4 per pack.


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