Saturday, March 20, 2010

Woman in the mirror (be present and accounted for)

Stop it right now.

Stop thinking about how fit and fabulous you were.

Look at who you are now.

Be present.

Stay present.

You are smart. Beautiful. Brave. Kind. Happy. Alive. Well.

Realize what is compromising those things.

Inactivity. Lack of self- expression. Reclusiveness. Food. Insecurity. Fear.

Do you realize that you are wonderful as you are?

Do you realize that the fact that you think so deeply about where you are in relation to where you want to go makes you more likely to get there?

I know you. You WILL get there.

Find peace in the journey.

Life is about balance. Finding Qi. Centre. Grounding. It takes TIME. Give yourself time. Celebrate small victories.

Stop giving yourself such a hard time.

Tough love doesn't always work.

You have accomplished so much.

Stop worrying so much.



Love until it hurts and forget about broken hearts.

Dance. Since it's illegal to do it it in public here, close the curtains, turn up the music and dance like no one is watching. Not even you.

Let go.

Be free.





A la minuit.


Feed your body well.

Cry when you feel like, but make sure you cry hard and for no longer than 10 minutes. Then laugh. Louder than you cried.

It's OK to be sad sometimes. Fuck flower power. Just find balance.

Eat well.

Pray lots.

Love without end.


Anonymous said...

You are beautiful! You have achieved much! Maybe you should build a website to advertise your photography work then do those business cards with your website address on it. Keep your website updated and keep yourself active in order to keep that website updated. That should somewhat solve the problem of self-expression. Please keep inspired. Your life is good.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I needed that. Eyes welling up. Thanks!
Now go practise what you write.


Bodhisattva Harlem Mama said...

I needed that, too.

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