Sunday, March 07, 2010

Eulogizing Life

Too often, all that needs to be said, never gets said until life ends and the buzzer goes off indicating the end of the match. If I learned anything from my Aunt Cover who died at 31, it's that life is too unpredictable to take for granted. We have no control about when we go, but we are fully responsible for what we do while we have breath.

I don't know when my time will come. It may be at the ripe old age off 109, with my skin so wrinkled that I become a black and white photographer's dream. I may face death earlier. And so may you. But what do we do with the in-between?

For the 4 years I have been writing this blog, I have found a voice that I struggled all my life to hear. You have helped me to create an authentic space where I can express and challenge myself without judgement and self-consciousness. You have read quietly and actively participated in my monologue and in so doing, you have validated my expression. You have showed up to the theatre, some repeatedly over the years, with eager anticipation for a performance that you can connect with. Sometimes you came just to make certain that I was alive and well and that the show was still going on.

For your time, I thank you. Your time is the most sacred and invaluable gift you have, and that you have shared it with me, humbles me.

Let me say, to you... everyone who has come by, to those who follow openly and in secret, those who find inspiration and channel those positive vibes, those with whom I have made friendships through blogging, I thank you.

Please remember to share your gratitude with others who have made an impact on your lives. You just never know when they will no longer be around.

Life may not always be happy or long, but it should by in all ways, be meaningful.

Live your best life. You only get one shot.


Azikiwe said...

...alwayz here for the performance...even when you think i not here...;-)

Julie said...

Thank you for sharing with us!

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