Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why did I get fat?

1. Because I ate all those calories...
2. Because I didn't burn them off..
3. Because I knew how to burn the excess when I was good and ready
4. Because somewhere along the way, I just stopped really looking in the mirror
5. Because I used food for comforting a multitude of sins and distresses (going out for drinks to de-stress after work instead of hitting the gym.
6. Because everytime I got back into shape, I stopped doing what I needed to do to stay there
7. Because age and high metabolism was on my side and I didn't change when they became my arch enemies
8. Because I have been lazy and I keep on putting it off
9. Because smoking reduced my lung capacity and my ability to burn
10. Because I am the queen of excuses
11. Because I have been using my wieght like a beard and hiding behind it
12. Because I was holding on to other things in my life that long needed letting go

And why I am finally getting it under control?

1. Because I am finally out of excuses
2. Because the baggage that was weighing me down is out of my life, so there is no point in keeping my weight as a souvenir of all the shit I have been through.
3. Because I deserve to be fit and healthy and not have fat bog down my self-confidence
4. Because I am blessed to have so many chances while others cannot even move
5. Because today may just be the best there will be.


Azikiwe said...

10-2b. Because I am the queen of excuses , keeping my weight as a souvenir of all the shit I have been through...

...this is the actual combination, but i'm happy you are taking the small steps to the Revolution®...

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