Monday, March 15, 2010

The week that was

ESC and I hosted a JERK-Que in the park (my Jamaican spin on a BBQ) on Friday. This meant a week of planning and prep work, shopping in the market, seasoning meats, baking bread and cooking. It was a potluck, other people took dishes, drinks and misc items so we didn't have to shoulder the cost of feeding a multitude. I made jerk seasoning from scratch. ESC filleted fish and marinated lamb chops in rosemary and garlic.

The weather was good. We ate, played word games and stayed until night.

Now I am back on my weight loss journey.

I have been walking daily, incorporating exercise into my daily existence. I will get back to weight training soon.

My knees have been crying out with the excess weight so I have to be careful and being in the dessert is making my asthma act up but I am still forcing myself to do something. Our fridge and cupboards are filled with healthy choices and I am refusing to call the KFC or Hardees delivery numbers. In fact, just tonight, I posted a sign on my door "NO fast food delivery."

I am not craving the fas food as I did a couple weeks ago. I seemed to have gone on a nonstop binge after I got sick and couldn't compete in our own Biggest Loser competition.

There is a new round that just started and I need to get into it. I need the accountability.

ESC is waking up half hour earlier in the mornings to excercise to keep his blood pressure up so I will have the company. He is on a 40 day to a flat stomach routine.

We went to the health store and got us some good vitamins and I got a green tea supplement to give me the energy to move around as well as boost my metabolism.

I have been drinking more water too.

My body is actually craving the excercise and the outdoors.

I think I will start to use the gym upstairs for weightlifting and go walking with my St. Lucian friend in the mornings.

I know my days of smoking are numbered. I can feel it. My lung capacity is so severely affected by smoking and I am just tired of always being sick.

I need to get a bathroom scale and some hand weights for walking.

Today I started going to my backlog of photos that need editing in a bid to be more productive. I started with my most recent shoot and started working my way backwards. I am realizing that maybe I should focus solely on printing and selling current photos in my portfolio instead of pushing paid sessions.


Anonymous said...

Have u considered swimming? Very good for breathing and all round toneing. I'm back to my swimming after a two month break.
It took me just two sessions to start doing 14 laps straight. My goal to get back to the 100+ I was doing last Christmas (in about 55mins).
Feels marvelous. I hope this drought won't stall me yet again.

Anonymous said...

As usual, I am hurtling in foot first here but curse me or hate me for this I HAVE to say it - call it tough luv. You really NEED to STOP sucking on those cancer sticks!!

Think about it, TRULY think about it. What does smoking DO for you that's positive? Makes you look cool? Makes a bad day get better? You're way too self assured and accomplished to need cigarettes as a prop my girl.

I say quit.


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