Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This photog's dream

I dream of my photos framed and hung on walls in a museum with art critics and regular people like me being so inspired that they reach for their purses and wallets to buy into my limited edition prints.

I dream of traveling exhibitions worldwide, showcasing the best of what my father has handed down to me... photography, smarts, and the drive to make it happen via entrepreneurship.

I dream of cookbooks with ESC, merging our talents and interests that serve as bonding rituals for us and transfers to other people when they buy them and cook with them.

I dream of a TV show... taking my producer cap off the shelf and using my marketing skills to get sponsors.

I dream of being my own master, using my time and talent to my financial gain without the overseer's whip looming over my back.

You know the funny thing?

I dont really feel like I am dreaming at all... I am merely envisioning what is to and will come.


Azikiwe said...

hmm..Maslow anyone ?

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