Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Sheer Almshouse to MC Caribbean party in Dubai

I managed to walk right into this event on account of ESC who took me to one of the planning committee meetings on my very second day here. He was on the team as the Culinary Advisor. The team leader volunteered me to MC. It was set. So the party is this Friday. Good stuff. Here I was talking about my need to volunteer and integrate not remembering that I had done so from my second day here!

But it takes a while for me to work myself up into character for these things. My on-stage and on-air personalities are alter egos that are channelled for such a time as this. I am even going to be wearing a carnival head piece (my bright idea).

I have met some really wonderful women as a result of this venture and I think the scope is wide for further collaboration.

I offered my photographic services in the form of a portrait session and it has been decided that it will be the second prize for the charity raffle. I even got some promotion on the flyer that has beed distributed to the impressive mailing list of Caribbean nationals (and children of nationals) resident here across the UAE.

Give thanks. I never knew that all this would have happen just by not objecting to be named MC and sitting on the committee.


Azikiwe said...

VERY GOOD !...I wish you all the best in positively widening the Jamaican diaspora...

Sheer Almshouse said...

It's pan caribbean, not just Jamaican!

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