Thursday, December 10, 2009

Back in business

The party went very well. We got very good reviews. Still waiting on the pics to post.

ESC and I had a much cherished two days together- though both evenings were spent dealing with government offices for the next step of my visa application. Yes... it took two days and about 5 hours altogether. After a 10 -day Eid holiday, apparently there was a huge backlog. But can I tell you, in many ways it pays to be a woman in a Muslim country- this was one of them. I would not have gotten through that night otherwise. Women have their own lines and do not have to converge with men. It's the same thing in the bus and the train, though when I travel with ESC I waive those rights to sit with him.

We took the bus and train a lot over those two days... so now I know how to get to Al Satwa. I now know exactly how to take the bus and train (a prepaid card must be purchased). We got two cards that are renewable for long term traveling.

I have to go back to Al Satwa today to return an electrical converter that busted the first time ESC connected it. I also have to go to Al Karama to visit my friend and wedding photog to help him sort through some techy issues. He has been a Godsend to us. He even offered to sell me some of his equipment on installment so that I can get bigger jobs.

I also got my business cards printed (and essentially these are name cards)... but with details of my services. So now, I am actively spreading the word that I am back in business. I have devised a Holiday Portrait Session for Individuals and Families at a very good price and have been pushing that. I have one customer already set to go. She is the same person who paid em to groom her locks.

I must admit that the holiday package came about as a result of the same boat party. Having had to give away a gift certificate for a Holiday Portrait Session, I realised it would be a good and timely idea to push the package to earn some pocket change.

I will also give a copy of my card to the church office tomorrow so that my name can be added to the list of photographers. The way Dubai works is that the church is the most important stop for Christian weddings and also most reliable so all wedding inquiries usually go through there first. There are only two churches that offer Christian Weddings in Dubai, so it is exceptional positioning to be on that list.

I am in the process of coming up with wedding packages that suit different pockets. My advantage is that I have my wedding photog friend as my ally to help me in whatever way possible and we have also agreed to do big jobs together.

I need to resume shooting now that I have sorted through my computer issues. I think I will walk with my camera today.


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