Saturday, December 12, 2009

Parang in Dubai

Yesterday, I went to visit a lovely and vivacious Trini lady, her hobbyist photog Brit hubby and their daughter whofa eyes and expression are a photog's dream (on the hook up of mi cousin in Cayman). One word? Inspiration!

Missis, all though Miss Trini Parang said dinner was not a fuss, I had my fill of Trini Pelau, fried plaintains, tossed salad with raisins and corn pie and vino a plenty!

I had a really fantabulous time! Great conversation and all.... and you know what... it turns out that they too were on the Island Behind God's Back- though on the more popular one of the chain and not as much as twice removed from God's back as I was.

So now ESC and I have a lunch date next week with them and I have found an artical sistren who is loads of fun and a well-matched partner who fancies Dutty Stinking Shabba (their words:) ). He has done some really amazing work and actually has printed and framed a lot of them. She has a background in F& B herself and so she understands the dynamics of the demands and the kind of passion ESC has for his craft. We have spoken of photo trips... I am so excited!

I will have you know that yours truly took the trip from one end of Dubai to the next to their house alone! Yup! Talk about a learning curve! For three months, I only took cabs from the supermarket in my neighbood, and the first time I venture out on my own, I go across the entire length of Dubai from the first train stop till the last! Trust me, there is no comparison in terms of costs because a cab would have cost about AED75 and the train and 2 bus combo cost me like AED7.

So yes, I am coming out of my little shell. This reminds me of Imelda's little saying..."The shell has to break before the bird can fly."


The Cloudcutter said...

Hey! Good to see you getting out there and having a nice time. So happy for you and all the new experiences you are having. Enjoy!

Sheer Almshouse said...

You know, I was about to post to ask if this block is dead... then you leave a comment. Happy you are back in blogshpere..came to your blog the other day but never saw you.

Kathy said...

Now that's the personality I know. Fi yu shell bruck long time - the wings just needed stretching and the GPS reconfigured and reattached. Have fun but be careful and watchful.
PS - Posting comments here has changed? The method i.e.

Sheer Almshouse said...

hahahahah! GPS reconfiguration! Whoa! Yes, I made some adjustment... tried to ad a recent comment widget too but that not seem to be working for me.

Anonymous said...

De is good peeps! I just hope yuh neva drink off mi ponche a creme what she REFUSE to mek for me cause is was not Christmas.

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