Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Busy body me

Sharjah went well. We didn't get up to the specific competition we went for (we never found the place until 6 hours later when we had long given up and decided to just turn the day into a discover and shoot Sharjah day). Such is the nature of directions in the UAE.... damned if you actually get there. Moral of the story... chances are you will fail to be where you need to be at the time you need to be there if you dont have an idea of where that place is already.

Besides that, I have been making myself pretty busy.

I have single-handedly updated my professional website and even forwarded my alternate URL to point to the same site. If you recall, I purchased two URLs with different versions of my name to protect my online identity, since there were quite a few people popping up with my name in recent years. Have a look at the new design and the updated pages and let me know what you think. Yes it's girlie... but what am I if not a girlie girl who isn't afraid to lug heavy equipment on a shoot wearing bright red lipstick? I have added a blog to that site (for professional use) but this will remain my core blog.

Now that I have updated my website and included packages for weddings, its time to go drop off my business card to the church office so that my name can be added to the list. One advantage of using my first two names only? Alphabetical order finally smiles in my favour :)

Did I tell you I bought ESC a URL for his birthday? Yes I did. What wife does that? This one. I am also working on his website, which for now will be a custom domain blog (to keep web-hosting costs down low or nil). I am leaning towards using Blogger as opposed to Wordpress because the former is free and the latter charges roughly $10bucks per annum. I know that isn't awfully expensive, but since we are going to start a third blog together for commercial purposes, I would rather spend where income is expected than where it is just a tool for promotion and expression. Ya know what I mean? Yes, the older I get, the more frugal I become like my granny. Truth be told, I much prefer the Wordpress templates than those of Blogger.

I am really excited about the prospects though.

Working on ESC's site has provided a wealth of info via research. I now know that I am just going to purchase the URL directly from the blog providers instead of goind via GoDaddy and then going through DNS transfers and renaming CNAMES etc.

Having a CARIMAC degree has certainly helped me out... finally my university education is paying off! I have two degrees in communication, I might as well use them to my advantage. I was a lot more adventurous when I was younger, working on sites like Kuyaba when I was still in undergrad. And the pay was gooood! I was even offered a job to do a website for my wedding photog friend. I think he is also better off with a blog with his own URL for content management purposes. I turned down another for a business because I just do not play with html that much and I dont have the software or the inclination. Too many spices can spoil a broth- its like being a one man TV station and trying to do all the jobs yourself...impossible.


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