Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Out of the house today

Loves, I am taking my camera with me to Al Karama and Al Satwa to test out a second hand lens I am thinking of purchasing. It is a telephoto zoom, though not as fast as I am now used to (having only the best bro lenses in my camera case till now). But I do need a telephoto zoom for weddings so it would be fantastic if this works out for me.

The real lens I have been dying to get over the past year and that I wish I had just closed my eyes and bought is a great fast pro piece of glass for food, portrait and macro photography. It costs US900. Out of my league right now, but I promise you this much, I will get it before summer next year. Hmmmn. I think I just found my reason to settle with this current telephoto and flash that I am getting now. Those are critical for a wedding photog kit but I dont have to splurge on the best of those just yet but that dream lens is really what is going to make me money and if I buy a cheaper telephoto and a cheaper lens, I will be further on my way to getting what I really want!

Oh man, NOW I am excited!


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