Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Final step completed for residency visa

We are there. Finally. I am expecting my passport to be returned with my 3year stamp anytime soon.

Eeasy Skanking Chef came with me (as he did all stages) on Monday to submit all the documents for that leg.

So officially, I have not only taken his last name, but all three as outlined on my visa. So now I have six names: my three plus his. Isn't that grand? He calls me all six sometimes to poke fun at me.


Kathy said...

So now your name is .....?
Was there a choice?
Does he get any of yours?
Do you need to use all of them ie documetation purposes?
In other words tell me more.
I'm not asking to stir up trouble (as if I could) - just curious.

Sheer Almshouse said...

According to visa, my name is Mrs. K A M L R H
No... standard.
No, but we joke that he should at least exchange since a fair exchange is no robbery :)
I am not certain.. don't think so .. just think its a weird way to say that I am married to this man...
My Occupation is also "Housewife" again, just a term to say that I am a trailing spouse of an expat. But I am a housewife in every way execept the rollers and dusters. Why do men hate rollers so much????

Yours in fun and joke,
Mrs. K A M L R H

Azikiwe said...

Why do men hate rollers so much????
Answer : it reminds us of old,nagging housewives...not sexy...

i prefer this name change :
Mrs. K A M E S C

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