Monday, July 21, 2008

Post Menstrual Syndrome

Never heard of it, but if reproductive parts and their functions are to be blamed for everything from cheating, to bitchiness, to depression, to friskiness, why cant I just create something for feeling blah?!?

I have been feeling blah all day.

Kinda borderlne slight depression, loss of appetite, sleeplessnes, and the overbearing grouchiness that comes from things like hearing a freaking vacuum machine going at 9 am on a Monday morning in the middle of the office and the smell of concentrated cleaning chemicals that trigger a tightnest in my chest, and sinus pains that are ferking annoying.

So I am the grinch who stole ferking monday.

After all that housework over the weekend, did you all think I would have been rested and ready for the challenges of the monday morning patty shop?


I just blasted miserable right ya now so I going to hold me corner before I light up the whole place wid bere bad wud (I really not angry... just said it for effect- though not sure what effect).


Kathy said...

You never heard of constant PMS? Pre, present and post!!??? Sorry I should have done my duty and introduced you to it years ago. Oh well, I guess being in ignorant bliss until now has it's blessings.

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