Sunday, July 13, 2008

Feeding a Multitude of Worms

I been cooking like seh food a go out of style.

I am cooking for the third time in less than 18 hrs. I even made escoveitch fish for my Guyanese neighbours. I mean a plate full wid foil and tine and nion and scotch bonnet and pimento. Made seafood pelau last night and i have a snapper stuffed with okra roasting in the oven. I am out of novels to read and have starting on my professional books. And about to mop floor and clean house, wash two weeks of laundry (in one load) and do the ironinng for the week. Do I sound like a maid?

No, I am the modern single professional who hasnt gotten around to hiring the right help just yet.

My MacBook is bahaving funny. Hasnt worked in over a week. Have to take it to an Aplle store in Miami. Good thing I have warranty until Sept. Damn thing not a year old. I think its the memory upgrade that caused it though.

Word to all: Buy your Mac from apple direct and upgrade on purchase.

So thats why you havent been hearing from me ( and the fact that housewives have very little time for frivolties as blogging).


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