Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Lord is My Shepherd, I have ALL that I Need

The subject of this email is the New Living Translation of the 23rd Psalm. I bought that bible for that very reason.

You seen, all my life, I have known"the Lord is my shepherd I shall NOT want" but as a former English Major, I was stopped in my tracks when I discovered the positive affirmation of the NLT version.

Language is peculiar but intriguing, a slight slant can connote different meanings altogether.

Last night, after being in and out of depression (more in than out) for two weeks straight, I put on some Beenie, then I went for Buju, focusing on the 23rd Psalm rendition with Morgan's Heritage. What a peace!

I showered to the sound of that beautiful psalm with the speakers up loud and as I washed dirt, sweat and crosses away, the song ushered in a peace. The reassurance that "even though i walk through death's dark vale, yet will I fear no ill" soaked deep.

I chatted with Imelda, turned out all the lights, lit some tea candles and put in some bedouin music gifted by Chef in Dubai.

Then I rolled out my yoga mat for the first time since I left Jamaica (May 21 at 12:35pm) and I went into corpse pose and meditated until I fell asleep.

I been listening to rasta reggae music from morning.

Yow, rasta regga sweet no hell!

Giving thanks for having all I need.


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