Thursday, July 31, 2008

Killing Time

I need a bazooka fi blow off time head. Cho man, when you want it run off, it just so damn spiteful and a tek him time like seh him hear death news.


I all pack up mi tings dem pon the desk already!

Mi seh mi ready fi step out and go waving gallery a airport and say" Scatter man.. his dat you wid all dose gole teeths?"

Cho mi writing plenty because it keep me calm.

Mi shoes a bun me bun me look hot no raastaboogie!

I dont know why dem postpone tomorrow from the public holiday cause right ya now, if my nght dont start early, i may never wake up! A likkle joke Imelda, mi plan to goes to di people dem work tomorrow morning- especially since me want to go to big big concert pon di weekend.



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