Thursday, July 03, 2008

Horse Dead, Cow Fat, and Pig Soon Fly Way

Chile, after discussions with Big Pappa (friend from the shipping dock), I have decided to throw a party this weekend. In fact, I think I will throw a party every weekend from now until late August.

I have the music, and the vibes, all dem need fi bring is dem owna liquor. Whappen, how me suppose fi afford it?

Since I have been routinely suffering from depressin on fridays, this is a way to kick off the weekend with a blast.

Since this place too small for me to get on bad in a club, and I miss dancing, I going to turn mi living room into a dance floor!

Sounds like a damn good plan to me.

I will even invite me Guyanese neighbours.


Kathy said...

You go girl!!! No food???

Girl On Top said...

Food? Oh you mean to avoid hangovers?

JK, there was no party. Wasn't up to it. And there was n o blues to offset.

Praise God for Journeying mercies

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