Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Of New Discoveries

OK...I have to say that I have had a fresh wave of inspiration.

You know when you looking at the same thing for like 10 years and then, something small changes, and what is hidden has come to light (and my God oh what a sight)?!

Turns out Easy Skanking Chef is an undercover hottie! I mean, LEGITIMATE hottie! I mean I always knew he was "attractive" (that's a joke between us) but when I saw the mustache off, I was in immediate need of heart medication (and I do not have heart problems).

Mnn Mmmn Mnnn!

I still cant get over it!

But it kinda scares me now cuz mi nuh like hot bwoy. So, as long as he and I are in the same place, clean shaven it is... but if he goes back to stay in Ja... BEARDED it is!!!!!!!!!!!

Mi not into the drama mi dear chile...what wid all the ooman dem dat would be flinging baggie at him left right and centre. Tschuups. And mi nuh waan jook out a gyal yeye! Lol!

But big and serious, I am happy that he is a cool, calm understated bredda, who dont frighten fi baggie. But I do feel a little daunted at the level of interest that he would have to fan off.

Yes I have always had good looking boyfriends, and I have always remained confident and self-assured even in the midst of threat, so maybe I am just exaggerating.

Truth is, me no want no man that no other woman wants. Mi not running no alms house!

And by the way... all that talk about being a homebody? All that is right about to come to an abrupt end!

What me a go out and pose!

Now where did I put that pilates workout?


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