Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I got sick yesterday.. ..(due to the spraying of aerosol cleaning stuff in my office by the same woman with who I argue about it everyday). Went to the hospital (no private doctor's here) and then the clinic to fill the prescription because the pharmacist at the hospital was MIA.

Anyway, I was talking to Easy Skanking Chef about this whole timing drama, and he says that I shouldn't worry about it because there is much more to us than just horizontal entanglement. He said that I am not a sex object, and even though he would love to -as any man would- if we have 6 nights less, then so be it. We have more in common than that and even much more to discover.

I was thinking that was all sweet and grown up and then I am like- you know how LONG four months is to wait plus to then settle for only four nights? I mean, I hear all that very progressive talk about the female body and love and I honestly really and truly appreciate the depth and integrity of this man...but as Imelda #2 always says-"Not a backside!"

I wouldnt if there were more days together. In fact, I have NEVER done this in my entire lifetime. But hey, I never had such a damn good reason to.

I am still thinking about it though. Who wants to pop a pill the same time, everyday?

I neeed a nicotine patch.


Azikiwe said...

...heh :-)),we men are funny creatures but anyhow gwaan cook with the chef my girl,sounds like really check fi yu .

Personally , I think you are hot ebony magic that oooze sex all the time, not your fault gifts are gifts and talents are talents my love :-))

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