Monday, December 15, 2008

2 Days to Go- The darkest hours before dawn...

I have cleaned the bathroom, curled my hair, sorted through papers, done the laundry. Now all I need to do is sweep (pains in my wrists wont allow me to mop the floor).

But yuh know what? I getting miserable!

Wouldn't you if you were having a runny tummy for weeks on end? It has gotten to me now, twice nightly trips to the loo on account of stabbing belly pains really can make you cranky. To top it off, I had to rush like mad about an bour ago to use the OFFICE bathroom!

I need a wash out. Pure, clean and simple.

I am soooo happy to be leaving this country.


Azikiwe said...

…I think that part of our "runny tummy"predicament is due to an anomaly called "Lovers Anxieatic Release Disorder" or LARD. Where the intense desire for climatic escape with the ONE is further compounded by an uncomfortable situations of distance and simply …bad food !


Jacqueline Smith said...

Hello Sheer Almshouse, I stumbled on your blog in search for a poem by Lorna Goodison. I had a good read. Have a good time home and don't lift a finger. Best wishes.

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