Saturday, December 06, 2008

Train up a child the way she should grow...

You know what, my parents did a damn good job. They did the best they knew. What could be better? Perfection?

They had their challenges... and in many ways I represented their most difficult one for many years, resulting in stomach ulcers and hypertension for my Daddy, but still, he never gave up on me.

My mother is having quite a difficult time with one of my sisters, but in spite of how the rest of us think, she will never give up on her.

Parents are the first people who believe in you before you even know yourself enough to believe in it.

And do they make mistakes! Sometimes really bad ones that scar us, and require us to spend years in therapy to overcome, but you know what? If therapy does not include a crack house, violence and selling sex, they didn't do that bad a job.

The thing I am most grateful for though is my faith. Had I not been exposed, I would not have the faith I now have.

This life is filled with a lot of nothing sometimes, many things that are puffed up and empty, having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof.

I miss church. I really miss church.


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