Monday, January 22, 2007

No Borrow Goods Round Here

I think its time I settled in a monogamous relationship... you know the "one unto another foresaking all all others" kinda relationship. I dont know about the "till death do us part" bit but I think its time I really opened up myself to love again.

It doesn't have to be passionate flaming love, in fact it better not be... you know what they say about playing with fire, and my skin is stiff rough from previous third degree burns.

So I guess I'll be looking for a respectful and spiritually rewarding relationship.

Sometimes I think I shoot myself in the foot because I come across so many great men.. but ...I dont handle compromise very well. There is one particular gent who is charming to this day but I really should have met him 20 years ago. Yes, I know I was only 6 then but I was speaking figuratively.

If anybody told me that I would be writing posts like these at 6 am, after a hiatus of three years from the long term relationship scene, what would I have said?

My life has turned out to be damn good in very many ways, of which I am very grateful but in moments like these, it sho helps to have someone beside me to wake up and mope to.



Denali said...

Well said.

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