Monday, January 08, 2007

More to Life Than Sex

I just read a post on on casual sex and while I agree with the feminist sentiment (more power to her), I depart from her views.

I guess the more "centred" one becomes, the more sex is viewed as an expression of love and intimacy and not merely as a means to orgasm (single or multiple).

I guess we've all been through different phases, but after a while, what else is there to sex if emotions are not involved?
As Woody Allen would say, there is always sex "with the person I love the most" aka self gratification. Otherwise, sex is meaningless.

No amount of fantasies filled, toys, weird locations and freak-a-deek paraphanalia can make up for a loving human connection. Call me a simple romantic fool... but I'd rather be that than to wake up empty because the only shared meaning that I have with the dude lying next to me is a simultaneous climax.

Its hard to be so sentimental in an era where sex is such a casually detached arena.

Women are liberated and we can and often choose to sleep with a guy on the first date without the expectation of a second. Men confuse sex for intimacy and feel like all they have to do is to make a woman orgasm to maintain her interest. A man or woman who wants to wait before sex is a castaway... another freak-a-deek of a different kind.

I am not saying that we should walk around touting sainthood, but I have come to realise that there is really something worthwhile in postponing sex for as long as possible. Its definitely a huge gamble though... kinda like "buying a pussy in a bag." You never really know what you are going to get until you open the package. In spite of this, all pussies look alike in the dark, and if you really love someone, sex is the easiest thing to customize.

The real problem is that we have become so highly titilated and oversexed that we cannot think of anything else but sex. A man will spend his time and money on dating for the defined purpose of bedding a woman, and a woman accepts these dates to encourage the man to bed her. Its all about the sex.

Never mind conversation, discovery and friendship. Never mind finding out whether there is a sound platform of compatibility.

As for me and my house, we shall stay celibate...

...Aye!!... is who yuh calling hypocrite!!! Mi can tek back mi chat anytime... a fi me!!

...dont mind she


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