Monday, January 08, 2007

No Compromising of Genes

Not becausing seh mi know seh mi have me fair share of pretty looks mean to say me going to compromise them by deh-ing wid a ugly man- no ugly man roun 'ere!

Now you think mi coulda so precocious fi fly inna God face after him bless me wid likkle good looks fi go dash it way just sake a one ugly man? No sah! If me cannot gimme pickney dem anyting, else, mi haffi gi dem a fighting chance in dis world.

How could mi as dem mumma even look inna dem face and smile much less have some ugly gremlin looking baby a breastfeed? Dem woulda must have colic because is bere bad mind milk dem woulda drink.

I dont like ugliness... and nuh cater how yuh waan pretty it up... ugly people have a very hard time getting by in dis dog-eat-dog world. Is better you born pretty and foo fool dan show up ugly...and mi ave a warning fi any potential offspring who want draw pon some latent ugly gene inna my body...if you nuh come out right, mi will simply push yuh back which part yuh come from with a note that say "return to sender." Mi nuh inna dat deh ray ray.

Me is not a ooman who gwine to defend "pretty backra massa hair" and light skin... but lawd a massy... good face and teet worth more than it weight in gold.

So ... fi all a unno.. bright sophisticated, learned, ambitious, and financially stable man who hear seh mi single and reviewing applications.... UGLY MEN NEED NOT APPLY!


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