Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Year...New Leaves

I have a few resolutions this year... in fact, about 10 general ones and 6 devoted to fitness.


1. Lose 25lbs ( I am 5'6 and 164bs currently, I can WELL afford to)
2. Be itsy bitsy bling string bikini ready (aka ripped) by Aug
3. Hike to Blue Mountain Peak
4. Take part in at least 1 5k
5. Take part in at least 1 Half Marathon
6. Practice yoga in scenic places on a weekend


1. Buy property (or at least mortgage approval)
2. Submit thesis to complete masters
3. Further diversify investment portfolio and increase to 30% of income
4. Pay off credit cards, and use only one card. All monthly charges MUST be paid in FULL.
5. Get a GOOD job
6. Start my own business
7. Do more work in television
8. Travel to Ireland, London & Paris
9. Buy a digital SLR professional camera
10. Buy an iPod (yes..this is an actual goal of mine)

The camera and the iPod and travel are my three lavish items for spending.

Europe USD$4,000
Camera USD$1,300
iPod USD$ 400
TOTAL $5,700

DONT ask me how I want to get mortgage approval and buy property and STILL spend like 6,000 dollars. I guess I am REALLY going to have to hustle real hard.

Anybody want some negroid hair to buy?


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