Thursday, September 18, 2008

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death..

The place looks bad. I mean REALLY bad. All the posh house dem and everyting in between either have roof gone totally or pieces gutted. There is no electricity or running water and there are mosquitoes to stone dog. Dont even mention flies, and the constant smell of rotting flesh. Garbage collection was slow to begin with(once per week on a good week) much less now. Times hard.

I cooking on a barbecue grill that I converted into a coal stove. Yes mi dear, is a good ting seh mi modda come from Mocho and mi know how fi mek up fire. Last night I even cooked for 5 additional people.

My office is displaced and condemned. I done did condemn it before any official word was given farzin to say, me and mold no gree. And not just for the aesthetics, mi have asthma and dat combination is a recipe for incapacitation and debilitation.

I walk around wid three bags per day: 1. handbag with purse and passport 2. computer bag with work laptop and my mac and all chargers for all electrical devices should in case mi buk up pon a place like dis computer department dat have generator and free plug 3. a bag of food like fruits (washed in bleach water to keep eColi at bay), cup noodles and mi chicken noodle dat mi Ma give me to eat and bottles of water and plastic fork and spoon should in case mu buk up pon a place dat have generator and microwave.

All in all.. mi a cut an go through. Di dutty tuff but a yard mi come from an mi know how fi tun me hand an mek fashion. Mi all start bun orange peel a night time fi keep when di stink smell (of the rotting flesh) and sleep wid rag full a alcohol pon me cehst so me can breathe in somethin pleasant. Farzin to say, asthma an stinking smell neither dont gree.

Anyway, as me say, mi a tun me hand mek fashion. Life spare, and mi a still get care. God a provide in the midst of the disaster. Plus no matter how likkle me have, mi a share wid mi neighbours dem.

Mi scour out me bathing bucket and keep mi dettol and bleach handy. Plenty hand wash. Mi know seh mi poly poly pon a normal and easy fi ketch sick, but in these very harsh circumstances, God strengthens mi likkle body and give me all I need to survive. Plus, ..."yuh really tink a so nigga easy fi dead.?"


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