Monday, September 22, 2008

Frustration and vexation of spirit

I am in a country led by headless chickens.

Imagine me, nice nice Napoleonic horse like me (yes this is Animal Farm).. trying to make sense of this nonsense. Impossible.

I tyad of the darkness.

I tyad of the mosquitoes.

I tad of the flies.

I tyad of the ferking coal stove.

I tyad of this damn place.

You know seh after mi siddung inna the bathroom and hand wash mi clothes in a bucket, some old wicked dem try thief mi clothes off the line?

Is mi neighbour see dem and shout after dem. Is a good ting I share dinner wid him all the time cause him really look out fi me. But big a serious, dem lucky seh mi neva deh home cause mi woulda muss haffi get a lick offa dem. Sometimes you just haffi tek tings into you own hands, especially when dem a try thief you clothes offa di line at 9pm pon a saturday night.


K. Andrew said...

RAAAS..I do'nt believe this ! Truly depravity is international !!

Hang in there situation is forever !


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