Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The eye of the storm

I am facing this storm alone, but I am not on my own. I have family and friends who are praying for me and whose energy propel me through my worst fears. I have the holy spirit that reassures me just when I think that the roof is definitely next, that he will never leave me nor forsake me.

So enduring this storm has become a metaphor for my life's journey. Sometimes I have to sit through some tough things alone, but I am never on my own.

I sit in my living room, covered in layers of clothing, because for the first time since April, this island is unbelievably cold. But while the wind fights and even threatens to break through my glass window panes, I am nestled in this room, away from the real harm outside. The houses below me are flooded, but my floor is dry.

I have power, internet and a damn good book to read.

There is a country gospel ballad that my cousin likes to sing:
"No matter what storm clouds may rock this ship of mine
The light of my saviour will lead me safely through the night
The seas may be rocky and my sails may be torn,
But I shall rest, in the eye of the storm"

God is my light and my salvation, of whom (or what) shall I be afraid?


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