Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A sneak peek into my soul

I think I have the soul and spirit of a child-one who embraces life with innocence and acceptance. At least, for the past few months at least, I have been seeing increasing glimpses into my soul that was and now remarkably-is.

I know it sounds like mumbo jumbo.. me talking about being reclusive and then as carefree and spirited as an eager child the next day. I guess the easiest thing is to chalk it up to me having a personality with many facets (or simply embodying multiple personalities). Either way, I still get to experience moments of sheer and utter bliss of being free to be silly and stupid and be the first to laugh at me.

Life is heavy enough as it is. It's time to play.

I think, bit by bit, I am slowly becoming...free.


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