Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Slow on the uptake

Its 7;42a.m. and I have been awake for over an hour. Needless to say, I did not have any high glycemic carbs yesterday. I moved around more than I have in years and I am feeling my best in this moment, which is significantly better than I have in a long time.

In all of this, I didn't make the connection with my immediate circumstances and the bigger picture until my cousin LA pointed out that the job and everything else will come once I have completed the sorting through of certain things I need to address in my life.

I guess looking after me and minding my health is now my business. Full-time. I have neglected so much over such a long time that it does suit me best to be able to hone in on my core- you know peel away the layers.

I have my moments of deep contemplation and withdrawal but I feel that they are less depressive and more introspective. I have always been happy to be alone with my thoughts and now it seems I have a lot to both think and yet be quiet about.

It also just occurred to me this morning that I am STILL achieving my goals! I am digging the foundation to build an engaged, purpose driven, and active life. I am on my way to be in my best shape ever at 30- mind, body, spirit.

I feel that my growth has been as much dependent from my community of family and friends who have given me guidance, support and sometimes a hard talking to when I needed it most. My achievements, even though they may seem miniscule in the scheme of larger things, are huge to me and should equally be seen as yours. Be grateful that you have touched one more life by just being you and in doing so, helping me re-discover me.


Anonymous said...

All of us, every single living being on the planet, are works in progress. In our lifetime, the measurement of the distance we travel comes from the speed with which we learn and GROW from the lessons thrown our way. The calibre of the journey is determined by our willingness to trudge doggedly up hills and slide gleefully down valleys. Who wants to trod along on a flat highway indefinitely? We want memorable, not monotonous and mundane!


Celia said...

Seriously now cous, will you really start compiling/writing your book.

Kari you are sooooo blessed with this talent of 'writing' seriously look at your pieces, put them together, come up with an angle and P-U-B-L-I-S-H!

Ask the Lord if that is the direction he wants you go! Be quiet and listen to what he says.


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